30 March 2012

Hello World.... It's been a while

It's been a really long time since I have blogged but I have a good excuse.. well 3 of them to be exact. 3 kids are definitely a lot more time consuming, and rewarding than I ever thought it would be.  I have had to cut back on the things in my life that are not important... Sorry blog, you fall into that category. But you'll have company along with my plans for running a marathon, finishing school this summer, and multiple other crafts and such I have been itching to do.  With all that said, here is a snapshot of the last few months (in snapshot form)

Judd took the kids to the Train show up in Ogden while we did the baby shower for Colette

Kennedy's face here is priceless

A grown man riding a miniature train?! What could be more attractive than that?
Kennedy is developing quite an attitude...

She wanted to take 'Koala" for a ride

My little copycat. She loves her Uncle Andrew and mimics everything he does. We have him over for Dinner and games on Sundays, and Kennedy is always so excited to see him. (He's single ladies!!) :) He'll hate me for saying that.

We do a play date with Kennedy's preschool friends on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they spend most of the time playing house and fighting over who gets to be the "mommy" and who gets to be the "sweetie". I call Kennedy "sweetie" a lot and now she pretends she is the mom and I am the sweetie. So funny and cute. 

Levi is a ladies man already :)
The camera was missing for a while... I found evidence of where it disappeared to.

Play dates

Sweet &.....

Sour. She was not excited about having her picture taken... Like I said, she is getting an attitude. I still love this picture though.
Check out those crayon rolls!! Yes, I made them back in the day when I had time to waste :)
SNOW! We didn't get a lot this year, and it seemed like every time we did at least one of the kids were sick, so this last snowstorm we took full advantage of our health and spent the morning playing outside and throwing snowballs at each other. I love that our man has a lacrosse stick for an arm and a sand bucket for a hat.


Mam and K
"looking both ways" before he gets on to the sidewalk from our driveway. What a funny kid.

Chalk :)

Levi's new thing is playing "hide and seek" this is where I found him last. I have to give him kudos, because he had me stumped. I wouldn't have thought to look there.
Grandpa Andy and Levi making their own little masterpiece.

Playing in the snow.

Last ride using the Baby hammock. It's now packed up to collect dust until that day when I become a grey old granny.

Growing up way too fast. McKay is now crawling and eating (almost) normal food. :(

"hooolping" feed McKay :)
My favorite (recent) picture.

Check out that buttocks!
 6 month stats: Weight- 19.3 lbs/80th percentile
Height- 26"/30%
I don't know how... but we make some big boys, with big bums.
What else would a person do with Newspaper bags, except make moon boots with them?

I bought a fish. Who would have thought that it would be this exciting? When I asked Kennedy what we should name him she instantaneously shouts "Uncle Andrew!" So, now we are the proud owners of our very own uncle Andrew.


My babes riding their striders :)

I walked out of the bathroom to get Kennedy some clothes and came in to find Levi had decided he needed a bath as well, diaper and all. Have you ever seen what happens to a diaper when it gets that wet? It is not a pretty sight.

I got a road bike!!! I was really intimidated at first, mostly because I am afraid of being hit by a car, but now that I am  more comfortable I love it!! I signed up for a duathlon in May, we'll see how that goes.

Judd got a new bike. Here he is opening the box with a look on his face like a little boy on Christmas getting the present he asked Santa for...

All put together.
I have a biking buddy! Shari is an awesome rider, and it is so fun to go with another girl for a change. I'm usually huffing and puffing behind Judd up the hills.

My dad was in town a few weeks ago to accept the award of Merit he won for a piece of art he submitted to the LDS Church History Museum. He stopped by for a day and brought me a few things. First, "a little medicinal pot" Seriously my dad is a crack up. I love him and his quirky ways.
He threw it on a wheel with a toothpick. Not surprising, coming from the man who makes pots with his feet.

OUR DISH SET! Isn't it amazing? My dad makes a set for all of his kids when they get married.

Cakes. Cakes, and more cakes. I only took pictures of a few that I made lately, I wish I had taken pictures of the others, but I usually forget until it's too late. This one was for Colette's baby shower.

I made this one for a cake auction (Which I didn't end up going to, and sent the cake with my neighbor), but I hear that it got a high bid so I was happy :)
February ended with the one year anniversary of Kara's passing. She was never that big on flowers, so I brought balloons instead. Her headstone fits her so well, she loved nature and was such a free spirit. She was always up for a hike, or run, or just for talking. I'll miss our hikes, and our talks. I miss you Kara.

I'll try to be better about blogging more often... But with it getting warmer outside I doubt that I'll be very loyal. That's all for now.


Missy said...

Love the newspaper bag boots. Your kids are so funny :)
And your dad is the coolest ever. I still remember him showing me how to throw on the wheel in 4th grade. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Life is so much more interesting with people like him in it!
Medicinal pot - HA!

Missy said...
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Heather said...

Love all the new pictures and catching up on your life! Glad all is well! Beautiful family!