08 December 2010

My mom is old.

I planned a birthday party for my mom a few weeks ago. My sister Lillian was visiting for Thanksgiving and it seemed like a good idea at the time.... Until mom got sick, and a bunch of guests were snowed in.
Regardless, we had a good time with family. I made a pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing I call it a "chalkboard cake" for my mom who is a 5th grade teacher.

Uncle Andrew with Kennedy, Jocelyn, and Charlotte who is 2 days younger than Levi, but is half his size.

Jeremy, Elena, Kaia, and Jamison are all saying "I'm making a mess" as per my request :)

Playing games with the fam... Sorry Ryan, I had to put this picture in... I couldn't resist it since you look like a giant, clothed praying mantis.
Here is the cake! I made the apple, books, and the chalk out of fondant, the border is Twix and raspberry sticks (which made cutting the cake a bit of a chore) But it was sooo good.

And this is Lillian's masterpiece.

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sisterwendy said...

What a great cake!! I love it! your picture of your praying mantis relative made me laugh real hard too! I am dying to know how old your "old mom" is. Probably a lot younger than you think :) xoxoxo