04 October 2010

I made my cake... And ate it too.

As promised, here are pictures of the cake I made for my 28th birthday. I guess there is some rule out there floating around which states "a person can not make their own cake". Well I have never been one to concern myself much with rules, besides I wanted to make it!
I did a chocolate cake with butter cream frosting, and my very first try at fondant.
I have to say that I love fondant! It's like playing with play doh... Only fondant tastes better.
This is my version of a "hobby cake". Complete with mountain bike, racing bib and finish line, stethoscope, band aid, lacrosse stick, fish, and fishing pond. The fishing pole has real fishing line on it :)

I had a ton of fun making it and I can't wait for a reason to make the next one.


lyn. said...

Very impressive cake!! I bet it was delicious...

Oertel said...

THAT is a CAKE. Holy cow. You saved me a piece, right?

emilyf said...

haha like play doh only it tastes better. :) Beautiful cake. Life's as good a reason to make a cake any time!