13 May 2010

Levi Cole Zimmerman

Levi Cole decided to make his late appearance after two weeks of contractions at 7 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches long. Luckily the active labor was a WHOLE LOT faster. According to Judd (I wasn't really paying attention to the clock) it only took about 3 minutes of pushing and the little guy was out..... Now if only the weeks following would go by as quickly :)... One can only hope right? Levi is now over a week old and he is doing well. Here are some pictures of him.
Little tree frog

I was sick and had pink eye... So much fun!
Giving "bruhver Wevi" hugs :)
The family

Look at that giant big toe! So cute.
I would be mad too.


Breezy said...

HA! Love the BIG toe! :)

lyn. said...

He is simply precious...

KT said...

About time for an update wouldn't ya say?!? :) Ha ha ha...cuz i know you have sooo much time on your hands... ;) Ha!

Lyana said...

Oh wow!! We are so bad at keeping up, I didn't even know that you are expecting! Seriously, Congratulations!!!!! You all look super cute! And I just read about your race on facebook, so I am amazed incredibly!!!

Hope you guys are doing well.