01 April 2010

For my blog stalker Katie:

Hmmph :( How did she get so big?
Giving daddy "bonks"

Peach yogurt anyone? I walked out of the room for a second and this is what happened. I think it was her way of protesting that I had left :). The picture doesn't do the mess justice, it was EVERYWHERE.

We went to feed the ducks at BYU the other day with my nephew Jameson. We discovered that they aren't big fans of stale Triscuts, and that Zesta crackers make for a good meal for both the ducks and Kennedy.

MMMMM... Saltine crackers. She didn't quite get that she was supposed to give the crackers to the ducks and not eat them.

Chasing the ducks :)

More chasing of the ducks. She LOVED it. She ran around pointing at them and quacking like a duck.

Goldfish.... Great for what ails ya.

Laying on mom.

32 weeks prego. Kennedy thinks I'm comfy :)

Wearing dads shoes

Our new toy!!!! I sold my single running stroller (which I will miss dearly) and we got a double wide :) It has attachments for running and for biking so we will be doing a lot of both this summer! I can't wait to RUN.

"Swim-eeem Swim-eem" Kennedy's new favorite word. We go at least twice a week to the indoor pool at the rec center. She loves wearing her "swim soup" and I love seeing how excited she gets... Everybody wins :)


Oertel said...

Adorable (do I say that EVERY time? i might. but i mean it!!)

Lunch? Soon? Please? :)

Breezy said...

she looks SO tall in the first picture! and so adorably pathetic in the yogurt picture, HA!

You look stinking cuter than EVER! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! I envy your pregnant cuteness!

KT said...

Haaa!!! Thank ya :) Kennedy is flippin cute. She has it right with the Goldfish mmm. I love the pic where she is laying on you aww you two are adorable!!! :D Great update