02 October 2009

Utah State Fair

Kennedy and I went to the Utah State Fair with my sister Camille and her sons. It was so much fun! They had sharks, a live bear show, and tons of exhibits to see.... But the best part was "Little hands on the farm".

You go into a "barn" and put on a teeny apron and grab a basket. As you go through the farm there are successive buildings with different activities...
ie; you take corn to a (plastic) mooing cow and then milk (water) the cow. In return they give you a bottle of milk.

You pick apples from a tree, plant seeds in a garden, pick vegetables, gather wooden eggs from fake chickens, collect wool from a sheep etc...

Petting the sheep :)

And at the end you trade all of the things you have collected in return for a fake dollar.
They have a little store set up at the end where you can buy any one thing with your dollar. Kennedy had so much fun, but I think next year she might like it a little more, and maybe she won't be afraid of the chickens :)

OK, so I look like I am going to eat someone, but I was really being a newscaster :)

Watching the Bear show.

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Cara and Travis Colvin said...

You look good infront of the 2 News Screen...maybe you should consider a new day job!