10 September 2009

Belated Birthday

A few pictures from Kennedy's birthday. Since she was born Judd has been measuring the length of her legs to see if they were bike worthy. Well, they finally were...almost. So for her birthday we got her a Strider bike check them out here: http://www.mystriderbike.com/?gclid=COKmifC46pwCFShRagodThWajw She can't quite get her feet on the ground yet, so it is quite a funny sight to see her pushed around by Judd and her little feet flailing in the air back and forth. Her helmet looks so funny on her, and makes her look strikingly similar to a Star Wars Storm trooper :). We had lots of cake and ice cream (in my opinion the best part of any birthday) All in all it was a good birthday with friends and family.

CAKE!!!! Yum. I think she got more in her hair than in her mouth.

Our little Storm Trooper.... And her tongue :P

Biting the bars.

Biting her present.... she likes to bite things, especially your fingers, don't get them too close or you're in for a few gap-teeth marks.
Chloe trying out the Strider

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