07 April 2009

Chipmunks and Bloomers

Time has gone by so fast. It seems like a few days ago that we brought Kennedy home from the hospital, and only a few weeks since Judd and I were married. Wow... I can't believe how fast things change. Kennedy now has her 2 bottom teeth. She is CRAWLING, and gets into everything. Her unofficial (yes, UNOFFICIAL) first word is dada. When she decides to say mama I will call that her first word ;) Everything is good here. No news is good news right?

Kennedy in her little bath towel. She loves baths.

Grandma Z is going to kill me for putting this one up here. She made it a point to not make "chipmunk cheeks" while she blew out her birthday candles. I have to say I have perfect timing :) Happy birthday!
Cara showing off her birthday cake masterpiece looking oh so domestic in her cute yellow and black kitchen.
Grandma and Grandpa Z.... hopefully this one makes up for the chipmunk one.... I would hate to be on the bad side of the mother in law ;)
Uncle Travis hanging out with Chloe and Kennedy. He is such a great dad and uncle!

A few pictures I took of Kennedy in her "bloomers"

The other day Judd snapped a picture of Kennedy asleep on her stomach. Some how she managed to get the blanket up around her head.

And.... if this wasn't enough here is a video for you all!


Cara and Travis Colvin said...

Kennedy really is so photogenic, it is adorable. I really need to make sure my house is more "picutre ready" I forgot the blinds are still all bent from when Chloe was smaller! Oh well.

Judd & Leslie Zimmerman said...

Only you would notice that your blinds are bent. Judd and I didn't notice until you said that... Besides, your cute kitchen makes up for the bent blinds :)

Grandma Z said...

Well,neither picture makes me happy. I am not photogenic like the grandchildren. Maybe the additional 50++ years is the problem there. I did hold back on the cipmunk cheeks though, thank goodness. I have to remember Leslie is a prolific picture taker and not afraid to use the evidence. I did enjoy my b-day with the family, thanks for taking such good care of me.

None of you will ever be on my bad side. You will be picking out my old age care so I can't jeopardize that situation.

Love all you guys.

KT said...

So flippin cute as always...my fav when she peeks around the corner of her high chair :)

p.s. just saw your comment on my blog about Adam...Judd agreeing that he is creepy!!! Boo Judd!! ;D