28 November 2008

As Per Justins Request

Lately we have been pretty busy at our house trying to get the family room finished so we haven't updated our blog (Justin so kindly informed us of this). So here you are, a few pictures from the last couple weeks.....
Ok, I can't help it, I just have to say that she is ADORABLE:)

Going for a run. If you look closely at Kennedys face you can tell she isn't very happy about being strapped down. She does really well once I start running though, and falls asleep within a few minutes.

On Thanksgiving, Kennedy and Grandpa Z

daddy and his little girl :)


Justin and Liz said...

Look at those HUGE eyes! She is so dang cute! You should come visit so we can see just how cute she really is!

Shane C. Coles said...

Great pics! She IS adorable!

mom Z said...

Of course she's adorable, all our grandchildren are adorable.

grandma Z