01 May 2008

Meet.....My Monkey.

We have a giant willow tree in our back yard, and for the past ten years or more the previous owners had refused to trim it, so Judd and his cousin Shane came up with a perfect way to make trimming a tree fun.... They ascend and repell... Up and down they went trimming branch by branch. To tell you the truth I was pretty jealous that I couldn't be up there with them, so I decided to document it.... I kept waiting for one of them to fall so I could get it on tape.... Not that I wanted them to fall, I just wanted to document the episode if they happened to do so. Judd now comes home from work and goes straight to the tree to "trim it". Our poor tree is not going to have any banches left because he enjoys "trimming it" so much. On Saturday he went out and got what he calls his "favorite new toy"... a chainsaw. I should have known that it would create a tree trimming monster. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

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