15 November 2007

More from the "Fun" filled weekend.

Here is some video as promised. If you watch really close you can see when it happens. Listen for Shane to tell me I can go and keep you eye on my truck. Right after it disappears you will see my headlights really quick and then my tail lights. I believe that is when it all went wrong. Oh so wrong. Last time we tried to put a video with a post it wouldn't work so here is the link.


Justin & Elizabeth Zimmerman said...

Ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaa….he, heeeeeeeeeeeee…oh, I’m going to wet myself. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Really, I’m glad no one was hurt…that’s why I can laugh. We all saw it coming. I was going to ask if you wanted to sell me the Green Machine when I come back stateside, but I’ll look for something else. I posted it on my blog in a nice green color if you want to watch. It’s kind of an intro to our family that my military friends have never had.

Justin & Elizabeth Zimmerman said...

Oh, who put the nice "porno" music to the video? Really, I'm am glad no one was hurt. I think it's out of my system now.

Cara and Travis Colvin said...

It was almost like being there, but not really. I am never riding anywhere with you again. I think Travis said it best when he said "I may do some stupid stuff sometimes, but your brother is just plain crazy!"

Breezy said...

Hey you crazy crazy man! I am so glad Spee is studying to hard to take a break I would kill you if I was Leslie! :P :P Glad you are safe. OH p.s. TAG! check out my blog for more into, see tag #3